Alex Jeffreys Returns

Gurus' Nightmare Well, of course, he never really went away, he’s been busy helping his student Internet Marketers become successful; but he’s just released his latest report. Actually, Gurus’ Nightmare is more of a book. The third in a trilogy, in fact. And this one is as forthright, uncompromising – and refreshing – as the first two.

The first one, published in 2008, was called “The Guru’s Dream“, and was the book which originally made me wake up to the force that is Alex Jeffreys. It was followed around a year later by “The Newbies’ Nightmare”, which brought in even more followers as students in what was to be his second, even more successful, coaching season.

Despite the Gangster Guru cover images with which Alex jokingly portrays himself, these three books show his sensitivity and his genuine empathy with those who seek their fortune in the world of Internet Marketing, and his frustration with the established marketers who exploit their vulnerability.

Along with a thorough and incisive understanding of the mechanisms operating in the innovative and unprecedentedly democratic Web 2.0 IM arena, the books also demonstrate the energy and rigour which have contributed to Alex’s phenomenal success.

He’s about to take on another lot of coaching students in what promises to be the most successful season yet. Always eager to learn himself, and willing to admit that he’s learning, Alex has been studying the efforts of his students, and analysing what separates the most successful ones from the rest. His findings will be incorporated into the structure of his new course, which will, as usual, be ground-breaking.

An exciting part of the set-up this time will be the opportunity for his students to watch over his shoulder and copy him as, without using his leverage as an established marketer, he builds a 5-figure a month business as an ongoing demonstration.

Tonight (7th April), Alex is holding a free webinar; and if you are in time to register for it, I would strongly advise you to do so. The webinar, like The Gurus’ Nightmare, will follow Alex’s trademark M.O. of giving away top-class valuable information at no charge; so even if you have no intention of becoming a student, it will still be well worth your while to seize this opportunity.

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League of Extraordinary Minds: Hype Justified?

Ok, well, my last post, about Rich Schefren’s and Jay Abraham’s League of Extraordinary Minds webcasts was rather hastily written, and I was going to apologise for the rather hypey tone. I confess that when I read it through, I had felt a little uneasy with it because I don’t normally write like that.

Alex Jeffreys, throughout his coaching, always advised his students to ‘be themselves’, and for me, as a quiet, restrained Englishman :) , that tends to mean being more guilty of understatement than hyperbole.
So I thought maybe I’d overdone it.

But, thinking it over again, I believe the hype was justified, for two reasons.

Firstly, the fact is that the merits of the League of Extraordinary Minds webcasts can’t really be overstated. Arguably, any amount of hype is justifiable when there is so much value present.

There were seven experts as panellists on this first webcast, and that’s not counting Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham themselves. What a lineup!
You can read about them all over on the League of Extraordinary Minds site.
No wonder it turned out to be the ninth most-visited site on the internet that night!

I was blown away by the sheer concentration of marketing wisdom packed into this first session. I took no less than ten full pages of notes.
The answers given by the panel were as full of insight as you could possibly expect from world-class advisors like these.
But the discussion was also completely focussed, and free from the chatty rambling one encounters in so many online interviews. In a two hour session, there was no time wasted at all.

Much credit too, must be given to the perspicacity embodied in the seven questions themselves. They were all designed to get the most out of the assembled experts, on the subject of the importance of credibility and trust in branding and market positioning. The final, composite question was particularly well thought out, and I would expect it to reappear in some form in future sessions. It was:

“Through the lens of your expertise, what one question do you wish we would have asked you, that we didn’t, that relates to helping members on this call make their business more profitable, more successful, more competitively advantageous right now and into the future? Why is it an important question?
And had we asked, what would your answer be?”

By the way, Alex Jeffreys pointed out to me that the League of Extraordinary Minds project is well worth supporting as an affiliate. In fact, he said that if I didn’t join their scheme I was an idiot!
Well, I’d much rather be an affiliate than an idiot, so I signed up as the former, and I suggest that you do the same if you’re an affiliate marketer. You can click the banner below to do that.

But if you don’t, if you’re in any kind of business, do for goodness’ sake get over to the League of Extraordinary Minds and sign up for the webcasts. There’s no charge to listen in!

The next one, tonight, is about how to make your offers “Irrefusable” (without Godfathering!).

As for the second reason I changed my mind about the hype, I’ll have to leave it ’till my next post. It IS important, though, and it has to do with Rich Schefren.

PS Like I said, click the banner below
to sign up as an affiliate for this amazing project.

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Extraordinary Minds: in a League of Their Own

Thanks to factors I won’t go into now, there isn’t much time;
so if you want some hugely valuable insights into how to blast your business – whatever it is – up to way beyond the next level, the best thing you can do right now is to click on the link above.

But alternatively, here’s a quick summary of the situation:-

This gathering, The League of Extraordinary Minds, certainly deserves the name that Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham have chosen for it. They have assembled no less than fifty-three of the finest expert minds in the business world,
for a six-week series of panel interviews, each almost two hours long, which are going to make history.

Nothing like this has ever been done before.

The sessions will be packed with uniquely original, highly innovative breakthrough approaches and fresh new ideas which business owners can start using right away.
The experts involved have the distinction of being THE absolute top minds in their fields.

But no one in these sessions is going to be selling anything. This is no pitch-fest. The content is going to be priceless, but access is free!

The first of these ground-breaking webcasts is on the subject of positioning.
It’s about the all-important business of:-
“Getting Customers To Choose YOU Over Everyone Else:
Leveraging Credibility, Believability, and Trust in Everything You Do”

And it’s today. At 20:00 (8:00pm) GMT, at least it is here in the UK.
If it’s going out at the same time all over the world,
that doesn’t leave you much time. So I won’t keep you here any more. I’ll be writing more in a future post.

But in the meantime, get over here quickly and register while you’ve still got a chance to get in.
If you miss it, there’s still a way you can recoup your loss, but you’ll see that when you get there.

Whatever your business field, if you can get in on this thing, I know you won’t regret it.

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The Quick Brown Fox and the Crazy Jumping Blog

Plugins I had some problems
writing my last post.

Nothing to do with the subject matter, or with running out of coffee,
or the sporadically but disconcertingly tropical English weather.

No, it was the actual typing of the post into the WordPress editing text box that was proving to be frustratingly difficult – almost impossible, in fact.

Try as I might, it was very difficult to have the text cursor anywhere but at the very bottom of the box. If I moved my keyboard focus nearer the centre of the edit box, it would jump back down again almost as soon as I resumed writing.

Now, although I don’t like typing along the bottom line with no space beneath, I could live with it if necessary. But that wasn’t the main problem.

Every time I moved the mouse cursor, to highlight a word, or use an edit function like ‘Bold’, or whatever, the text would scroll itself completely out of view; and I’d have to go looking for it. Sometimes it would even jump out of the way while I was actually typing, seeming to have a mind of its own.

I managed, but it was a grim struggle, the process requiring more patience and determination than any writing I’ve done since the time I tried to use a home-made quill pen.

So, in an attempt to avoid having to repeat the experience, I did a bit of research to find out where the problem lay.

I assumed it wasn’t my editing technique – I’d never had the problem before.
Was it my home-built computer playing up?
Was it a glitch in the WordPress interface? After all, I’d only recently updated to a newer version – perhaps there ws a bug somewhere?

Well, to cut a long story short, the problem turned out to be with my browser.
I know a lot of people are going to say it serves me right, but I was using – Internet Explorer!

Well, OK, I know it’s thought to be a bit infra-dig these days, not to say asking for trouble. It’s often said that Firefox is faster, more secure, and has other advantages over IE.

I myself have always harboured a suspicion that many people’s preference for Firefox is based primarily upon the fact that it doesn’t come from Microsoft. But,of course,there are some genuine issues with IE; and this was one of them.

My problem turned out to be due to my having ‘upgraded’ from IE7 to IE8. I was apparently suffering the indirect consequences of one of the improvements (which one, I’m afraid I can’t imagine).

To be fair to Microsoft, I should explain that the problem is not insurmountable.
OK, I don’t mean that you can use Firefox instead – no point in stating the obvious! No, I mean that if you’re having difficulties like I was, you can eliminate them by making one simple adjustment in IE8.

If you click on the ‘Page’ menu at the top right of the browser window, you will notice a ‘Compatibility View’ option.
Selecting it will make the problem go away with a single click.
Wish I’d known that before.

Microsoft explains that some websites aren’t fully compatible with their new browser because they were designed before it was released. The ‘Compatibility View’ effectively reverts IE to an earlier version when it’s selected, thereby restoring normal service.

Some critics might question the wisdom of introducing changes to browser software which render it incompatible with existing websites; but surely that’s just churlish criticism…

Anyway, that’s it: my story, my problem, the cause – and at least two solutions!

Now I can blog with a curse-free cursor.

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Five Useful WordPress Plugins

Plugins   In my last post, I was writing about adding plugins to WordPress blogs, and I said that I had recently installed five which were generally held to be well worth having.
Two are to do with helping search-engines introduce visitors to your blog; two are to help your visitors, and the last one is to keep unsullied your blog’s electronic reputation.

The first one is the ‘All-in-One-SEO-Pack’.
SEO stands for “Search-Engine Optimisation”. This is a process by which the coding of web pages is tailored to suit the way search-engines such as Google examine and index them, to make them easier to find.
So if someone’s using a search-engine to look for information about a subject, they’re more likely to come across a page which has been optimised than one which hasn’t. Obviously you want as many visitors as possible, which is why SEO is a good idea.
SEO can be done manually if you know what you’re doing, but this plugin does it automatically for your blog pages. It has customisable options, but it’s designed to work effectively ‘out of the box’, so you don’t have to worry about the options if you don’t want to. Find out more here.

While we’re talking about Search-Engines, there’s another plugin on my list which is designed to make their indexing job easier as they work their way around your site. This is the ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ plugin, which does what it says on the tin; i.e. it generates a ‘sitemap’ compliant with Google’s requirements. Sitemaps are just web documents (in this case XML files) which list all the site’s links hierarchically. They can be useful for visitors, too: you may have used them yourself on some websites. You can read about the Google XML Sitemaps plugin here.

Next up is ‘CommentLuv‘, which is a plugin designed to encourage visitors to comment on your posts. If they leave a comment, the plugin will automatically append to it a link to their own recent blog posts, tweets, etc. – they even get a choice of which one they want shown! The plugin is configurable, and you can read more about it here.

ShareThis‘ is a plugin which allows users to show your post to to their friends and associates via social bookmarking sites, or to send it to them via email, Facebook etc. You can configure the way it looks on your blog if you like, and you can also track the referrals if you register. Go here to find out more.

The last plugin for now is the ‘Maxblogpress-Ping-Optimizer’.
Whenever you create a new post, your blog sends an electronic signal (a ‘ping’) out across the web to notify search engines and blog directorieetc. that it has been updated. However, because this ultimately results in traffic (more visitors), this process has often been abused by ‘ping-spammers’ sending multiple pings around the web just to get attention; and they usually end up being automatically banned by the services concerned.
The trouble is that your WordPress blog pings too, every time you edit even the smallest thing; so that if you make a number of progressive alterations in publishing a post the way you want it, you run the risk of being banned too.
Unless, that is, you install this plugin, which ensures that your blog pings, not with reckless abandon, but appropriately, and with decorum. You can find out more about it here.

So that’s the list, then; five useful plugins to add to a blog:

Google XML Sitemaps

You can explore plugins further at these WordPress links:

However, there are many other useful sources of information on this subject, such as this guide to plugin installation from
Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment.
See what works for you, and – without going overboard and making things unnecessarily complex – have fun!

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Adding Functionality to a WordPress Blog

Swiss Army Knife

I’ve been going over the blog itself during the last few days, and looking at the way I’ve set it up. Being new to it when I started, I didn’t make
it very sophisticated, and left many aspects unchanged from the default settings.

As Alex Jeffreys reminded us in his Coaching Course, perfectionism can be the enemy of productivity: “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”. After all, there’s a daunting amount to learn, and you can’t do it all at once.

But, at some stage, it’s worth tweaking and improving things to produce better results; and that’s what I’ve begun to do here with the blog setup. If you’re new to blogging, I hope it’ll help you with yours.

In particular, I’ve been looking at Plugins, the software tools which can be added to the core of WordPress to extend its functionality. There are over five and a half thousand at the official WordPress repository for them; but a quick web search will show many more, from a number of sources. You just download them to your computer, unzip them (they’re usually compressed) and then use ftp to upload the folders into the Plugins directory on your blog server. Once they’re there, you activate them (by clicking ‘Activate’!) using the WordPress Admin facility, and configure them, if necessary, by filling in web forms on-screen.

You can get plugins to do all sorts of things, but there are a few basic functions that most people seem to recommend. Ever since I began this blog, for instance, I have used an an almost universally-prescribed plugin to stop spammy invasions of my blog, usually masquerading as comments. These are mostly added automatically by robot programs roaming the net. You’d think they’d all be adverts, but the majority of the ones I’ve had have been large blocks of seemingly random phrases. Anyway, the anti-spam plugin I’ve been using is called Akismet, and it’s listed on the “Manage Plugins” page of the WordPress Admin section which you see when you log in to your blog to edit it. Akismet has automatically weeded out hundreds of pages of roborubbish from the blog since I installed it.

I’ve also used the Google Analyticator plugin, to help keep track of the numbers of visitors I get to the blog. In his Coaching Course, Alex Jeffreys emphasised the wisdom of using Google Analytics on your web pages, and this plugin makes it convenient to do it for your WordPress blog pages.

However, there are some other things which it’s useful to add, and I’ve just added five.

I’ll explain what they are in my next post.

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Confessions of an Alex Jeffreys Student
- and a Chance Not to be Missed!

Alex Jeffreys Shows the Way Alex Jeffreys


OK, I’m back now,
but, as you may have noticed,
I haven’t posted on this blog
for quite a while.
And I have to admit that this is largely due to my failing to adhere strictly to some of the precepts of Alex Jeffreys.

I’m talking about the things he taught in his now legendary ‘Marketing With Alex’ Coaching Course, which I was lucky enough to get onto last November, and which has led to so many people finding success online.

Things like the importance of blogging frequently, sharing your experiences with others, so that they can benefit from hearing about what has been successful for you – and what hasn’t.

And the importance of sticking to a well though-out and, preferably, proven plan, making sure that you don’t lose focus through being distracted by other things which are going on.

There’s always some new, shiny, latest thing, or some unmissable offer, which tempts you to think it might be worth chasing after, and to put aside your current efforts. I confess that I’ve made the mistake of allowing myself to be led astray like this a number of times.

If you read Alex Jeffreys‘ latest book, “Newbies Nightmare” (priceless in both senses – Alex is famous for giving away top-quality products free of charge), you’ll find that it warns of the dangers of “Information Overload”. Incidentally, I strongly urge you to read this book, along with its predecessors, especially “The Guru’s Dream”.)

Lifelong learning is great, even essential. But we all run the risk of becoming ‘information junkies’, continually collecting and hoarding valuable information, instead of getting on with the job of building a business. And I can’t deny that I’ve done quite a bit of that myself. (Of course, the good news for you is, you get to benefit from what I’ve gathered in this way, as well as what I’ve learned from Alex Jeffreys!)

Anyway, with the amount of great stuff out there these days, it would be possible to spend all your time (not to mention all your money) gathering, sorting and curating a treasury of partial business models and brilliant advice.

And, sadly, many people seem to do just that.

Alex Jeffrey’s mentor Rich Schefren, the “Guru’s Guru”, has talked about the need to shift the emphasis from a ‘Just in Case’ information strategy to a ‘Just in Time’ one, and I think that’s a good way of putting it.

You can’t keep on collecting item after item in preparation for a journey, eternally gathering up things that might come in useful. You don’t want to be foolhardy and unprepared, but at some point you just have to say “We’ll cross those bridges when we come to them”, and start moving towards your destination. Then, you keep moving until you reach it. Don’t do what so many do, and head off in one new direction after another, as each new opportunity presents itself. If you do that, you’ll never actually get anywhere.

It was in the very first stages of his Coaching Course that Alex Jeffreys emphasised to his students the importance of planning, focus, momentum and persistence. And of keeping careful records of your activities, and blogging about them. So I guess I’ve got no excuse…

Well, I’m off to a new start now, and I hope you’ll come with me as I explore viable ways to Build Income Online. Only this time, I’ll be sticking more firmly to Alex’s recommended modus operandi!

BUT… before I go, there’s something you need to know,
if you haven’t already heard.

I’m sorry I’m a bit late in telling you the news. It’s down to my bad timing in taking my wife, Carolyn, on a short camping ‘vacation’, and missing the announcement. (We missed the good weather, too…) So, my sincere apologies if this reaches you too late for you to benefit from it.

Anyway, the thing is, if you’re quick, you might be able to grab a chance to learn directly from Alex Jeffreys yourself!

You see, he’s just opened a second ‘Marketing With Alex’ Coaching Course, and if there are any places left on it, you really should jump at such a potentially life-changing opportunity.

At the very least, you owe it to yourself to watch THIS VIDEO, in which Alex explains what he’s offering. It really is an amazing deal.

So good luck with getting one of the limited number of places – but do be quick, or you’ll miss your chance.

If you’re lucky enough to get in, I hope you’ll come back here and tell us all about your successful progress!

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Profit Pulling Project: Episode Five!

Profit Pulling Project The end of the first quarter of 2009 sees the publication of Volume 2, Number Five of the Profit Pulling Project Newsletter.

This excellent magazine/ebook series, which I described in my previous post, emanates from the offices of the indefatigable Garry Parkes,and is always a must-have download for anyone working the web. At the moment, you can get all the issues to date – in one go – at Garry’s site!

Garry’s introduction to this issue includes some some very useful pointers for anyone wishng to get up to speed on Twitter (Garry’s own meteoric success in this field, starting from scratch, is legendary).

Among the experts contributing is Coleen Cook, who brings to a close her brilliant series on successful copywriting.

Gary Simpson provides an insightful commentary on the reaction to Mike Filsaime’s recent launch of his Butterfly Marketing 2.0 by some of its would-be beneficiaries. This issue also includes another of Gary’s brilliant “Motivational Moments”. This one deals with an important power equation, and emphasises the necessity for lifelong learning.

Tommy McLaughlin writes about how affiliate links can be masked in articles, for long-term article marketing. This information complements that provided in a previous issue, which dealt with link-cloaking in other contexts.

Lastly, this issue contains a really useful guide, contributed by Adam Spiel, to some of the best free, and almost-free, website tools and resources available out there.

As usual, this issue is full of great information and insight, with no padding or waffle. So, for this, and ALL the previous issues, get on over to Garry’s site: Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing: Independent Student Community!

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Profit Pulling Project: Latest Edition

The latest edition of the ‘Profit Pulling Project’, the Alex Jeffreys student community newsletter, is now out, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Garry Parkes.

The Profit Pulling Project was Garry’s brainchild, and this is the fourth issue he has edited and published. It’s not just a community newsletter; each issue is a short ebook in itself, containing information of great interest and value to anyone involved in internet marketing.

As well as Garry himself, a number of people have made it a success by contributing some great articles, and this edition is no exception.

The new edition features a new cover design, by Michael Ottman, and an editorial by Garry on the theme “Information is useless without action”.

Coleen Cook continues her outstanding series with some excellent advice on successful copywriting; and we have the first of what is evidently a very useful set of articles on Niche Marketing from Jason & JJ. This one discusses choosing a niche, selecting a product and using keywords effectively.

There’s also a humorous account of a year in the life of an opportunity-hopping IM wannabe, delivered in rhyme by Denis Caron. and some typically excellent advice from Gary Simpson on how to increase your productivity and avoid becoming the ‘busy fool’ that Alex Jeffreys warned us all about.

So, to collect your copy, get on over to Gary Parkes’s Alex Jeffreys Student Community blog

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St David’s Day

The Flag of Saint David The Flag of St David is sometimes modified – ‘defaced’ – to include another symbol in one of the quarters, such as the crest of St David’s College, or the Welsh national flag, Y Ddraig Goch.

Cardiff, home of Alex Jeffreys, will be en fete (or whatever that is in Welsh) today, as the whole Welsh world celebrates St David’s day.

I can’t speak for Alex, but even in London, where he may still be this morning, many Welsh men will be wearing the leek, in honour of St David. It was, of course, the Saint’s personal symbol (or brand logo, to marketers!)

St David was renowned as a great teacher, although unlike Alex, he didn’t live in Cardiff. There is a legend that once, when he was addressing a huge crowd, a little piece of the ground rose beneath him, lifting him up on a hillock so that all could see him as he spoke. (St David, that is, not Alex.)

Presumably, if they knew St David’s birthday, the Welsh would celebrate that, but March 1st is actually the anniversary of his death, around 1400 years ago.

Alex, of course, is no saint; he doesn’t even claim to be a guru.
And I hope my jocular drawing of comparisons doesn’t offend anyone, as I mean no disrespect to the memory of St David.

But when I read the Saint’s last words, they did remind me of what Alex was saying in the ‘final’ module:
“… brothers and sisters, be cheerful, keep the faith, and do those little things which ye have seen me do and heard me say.’

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