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Hello World… (- well, Alex’s Army, anyway!)

By the time the rest of the world finds my blog, I hope it’ll be in a fitter state!

I’m really starting from scratch here, as you can see… I’ve used Blogger before, but WordPress is new territory for me, so watch me as I learn! And maybe give me a hand if I need it?…

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  1. Hi James,

    Just found your blog through Gary Simpson’s blog – you may well have seen various posts from me on there.

    Thought I’d pop over and say hello – I got my blog up & running a couple of days ago after fixing a problem with my permalinks – honestly, the things I’m learning as I go along are amazing me!

    Anyway, pop over to my blog when you get a chance, and I’ll add you into my blogroll.

    Speak soon,


  2. How do I get my WordPress articles to pop up in peoples google searches?

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