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I’ve been watching instructional videos on this kind of WordPress blogging (ie on your own site rather than theirs). Although the example didn’t include a blogroll (hence the last post), the videos  are very clear and easy to follow. I’m allowed to give them away, so if you want to use them you can download the zip file here:- .

This is the basic version, but it’s all you need to get your blog going (apart from the blogroll!) . Read the readme file that comes with it and it’ll tell you how to set it up. You can pass it on to others too, if you want, as long as you include both files.

I’ve also discovered that I could have found the blogroll info at Gary Simpson’s site, specifically here:-

where he’s kindly explained it all for those of us who need it, along with more very useful ‘Hints & Tips’. His blog is now listed in my blogroll of Alex’s students! By the way, my general blogroll has a link to Gary’s own  main site for Zenith Mentoring and Life Coaching International, at There’s a wealth of wisdom there, including a whole library of great articles.

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9 comments to “WordPress Videos”

  1. Hey James,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – FYI my original comment to you on your first post is showing up now :)

    Whereabouts in the world are you? I’m in the UK as you may well have seen from my ‘About Me’ page.

    Will be working on a new blog post tomorrow.

    Speak soon,


  2. Hi James,

    How you doing my friend? Thought I pop by and have a look. It’s great to see that you’ve got your blog up and running.

    Well done and Keep up the great work

  3. Hi James,

    Thanks for pointing out my About Me page wasn’t working – think it got The Fear as Gary Simpson was asking when I was going to put a pic of me on there! Got it all sorted now so it should be showing now – if you get a chance to pop over & check then that’d be great.

    Your blog’s looking good, you’re making great progress!

    Speak soon,


  4. James!

    You WON my comp for guessing what PROJECT X is!

    Please email me and I will arrange your prize. I had something specific in mind but… since it seems you have already been to my MEGA-site I may have to change it.

    Just email me and we’ll settle on something good for you.


    Gary Simpson

  5. Hi James,

    How’s your traffic plan coming along?!

    I have put a post on my blog about traffic tactics that have worked for me so far. One of the best has been Squidoo. I only have one lens on there at present but it has been a high traffic source.

    My youtube video has also had a lot of hits and driving traffic to my ppp. I haven’t used twiter to it’s full potential but the tweetmyblog plugin is very effective (details in my post).

    Let me know what’s working for you!
    All the best

  6. Hi James,

    Fellow Alex Jeffreys student here!

    I am doing a short promotional video, and would like to know if it’s ok to use a screenshot of your website?

    Let me know. Just drop me at the email address above.

    Good luck!


  7. Hi James,
    Are you still having problem with Blogroll. I don’t know if the same as mine, if yes, login as admin and click “manage” and select “links” then “add new” then fill in the form. Each link need the Name and the URL. Very time consuming though, the way I did it.
    Hope this help. You can use my for practise: John Ng –
    I have added you to my Blogroll.
    Good luck to your Marketing.

  8. Hey James,

    I have just put a video on my blog, I have done a JV with Disney World! Watch the video, I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face.

    Happy Christmas!

  9. I read your blog in a regular manner, and I really like your way of writing
    Please keep going, smile
    your sierra

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