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St David’s Day

The Flag of Saint David The Flag of St David is sometimes modified – ‘defaced’ – to include another symbol in one of the quarters, such as the crest of St David’s College, or the Welsh national flag, Y Ddraig Goch.

Cardiff, home of Alex Jeffreys, will be en fete (or whatever that is in Welsh) today, as the whole Welsh world celebrates St David’s day.

I can’t speak for Alex, but even in London, where he may still be this morning, many Welsh men will be wearing the leek, in honour of St David. It was, of course, the Saint’s personal symbol (or brand logo, to marketers!)

St David was renowned as a great teacher, although unlike Alex, he didn’t live in Cardiff. There is a legend that once, when he was addressing a huge crowd, a little piece of the ground rose beneath him, lifting him up on a hillock so that all could see him as he spoke. (St David, that is, not Alex.)

Presumably, if they knew St David’s birthday, the Welsh would celebrate that, but March 1st is actually the anniversary of his death, around 1400 years ago.

Alex, of course, is no saint; he doesn’t even claim to be a guru.
And I hope my jocular drawing of comparisons doesn’t offend anyone, as I mean no disrespect to the memory of St David.

But when I read the Saint’s last words, they did remind me of what Alex was saying in the ‘final’ module:
“… brothers and sisters, be cheerful, keep the faith, and do those little things which ye have seen me do and heard me say.’

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