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Profit Pulling Project: Latest Edition

The latest edition of the ‘Profit Pulling Project’, the Alex Jeffreys student community newsletter, is now out, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Garry Parkes.

The Profit Pulling Project was Garry’s brainchild, and this is the fourth issue he has edited and published. It’s not just a community newsletter; each issue is a short ebook in itself, containing information of great interest and value to anyone involved in internet marketing.

As well as Garry himself, a number of people have made it a success by contributing some great articles, and this edition is no exception.

The new edition features a new cover design, by Michael Ottman, and an editorial by Garry on the theme “Information is useless without action”.

Coleen Cook continues her outstanding series with some excellent advice on successful copywriting; and we have the first of what is evidently a very useful set of articles on Niche Marketing from Jason & JJ. This one discusses choosing a niche, selecting a product and using keywords effectively.

There’s also a humorous account of a year in the life of an opportunity-hopping IM wannabe, delivered in rhyme by Denis Caron. and some typically excellent advice from Gary Simpson on how to increase your productivity and avoid becoming the ‘busy fool’ that Alex Jeffreys warned us all about.

So, to collect your copy, get on over to Gary Parkes’s Alex Jeffreys Student Community blog

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