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Confessions of an Alex Jeffreys Student
- and a Chance Not to be Missed!

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OK, I’m back now,
but, as you may have noticed,
I haven’t posted on this blog
for quite a while.
And I have to admit that this is largely due to my failing to adhere strictly to some of the precepts of Alex Jeffreys.

I’m talking about the things he taught in his now legendary ‘Marketing With Alex’ Coaching Course, which I was lucky enough to get onto last November, and which has led to so many people finding success online.

Things like the importance of blogging frequently, sharing your experiences with others, so that they can benefit from hearing about what has been successful for you – and what hasn’t.

And the importance of sticking to a well though-out and, preferably, proven plan, making sure that you don’t lose focus through being distracted by other things which are going on.

There’s always some new, shiny, latest thing, or some unmissable offer, which tempts you to think it might be worth chasing after, and to put aside your current efforts. I confess that I’ve made the mistake of allowing myself to be led astray like this a number of times.

If you read Alex Jeffreys‘ latest book, “Newbies Nightmare” (priceless in both senses – Alex is famous for giving away top-quality products free of charge), you’ll find that it warns of the dangers of “Information Overload”. Incidentally, I strongly urge you to read this book, along with its predecessors, especially “The Guru’s Dream”.)

Lifelong learning is great, even essential. But we all run the risk of becoming ‘information junkies’, continually collecting and hoarding valuable information, instead of getting on with the job of building a business. And I can’t deny that I’ve done quite a bit of that myself. (Of course, the good news for you is, you get to benefit from what I’ve gathered in this way, as well as what I’ve learned from Alex Jeffreys!)

Anyway, with the amount of great stuff out there these days, it would be possible to spend all your time (not to mention all your money) gathering, sorting and curating a treasury of partial business models and brilliant advice.

And, sadly, many people seem to do just that.

Alex Jeffrey’s mentor Rich Schefren, the “Guru’s Guru”, has talked about the need to shift the emphasis from a ‘Just in Case’ information strategy to a ‘Just in Time’ one, and I think that’s a good way of putting it.

You can’t keep on collecting item after item in preparation for a journey, eternally gathering up things that might come in useful. You don’t want to be foolhardy and unprepared, but at some point you just have to say “We’ll cross those bridges when we come to them”, and start moving towards your destination. Then, you keep moving until you reach it. Don’t do what so many do, and head off in one new direction after another, as each new opportunity presents itself. If you do that, you’ll never actually get anywhere.

It was in the very first stages of his Coaching Course that Alex Jeffreys emphasised to his students the importance of planning, focus, momentum and persistence. And of keeping careful records of your activities, and blogging about them. So I guess I’ve got no excuse…

Well, I’m off to a new start now, and I hope you’ll come with me as I explore viable ways to Build Income Online. Only this time, I’ll be sticking more firmly to Alex’s recommended modus operandi!

BUT… before I go, there’s something you need to know,
if you haven’t already heard.

I’m sorry I’m a bit late in telling you the news. It’s down to my bad timing in taking my wife, Carolyn, on a short camping ‘vacation’, and missing the announcement. (We missed the good weather, too…) So, my sincere apologies if this reaches you too late for you to benefit from it.

Anyway, the thing is, if you’re quick, you might be able to grab a chance to learn directly from Alex Jeffreys yourself!

You see, he’s just opened a second ‘Marketing With Alex’ Coaching Course, and if there are any places left on it, you really should jump at such a potentially life-changing opportunity.

At the very least, you owe it to yourself to watch THIS VIDEO, in which Alex explains what he’s offering. It really is an amazing deal.

So good luck with getting one of the limited number of places – but do be quick, or you’ll miss your chance.

If you’re lucky enough to get in, I hope you’ll come back here and tell us all about your successful progress!

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