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The Quick Brown Fox and the Crazy Jumping Blog

Plugins I had some problems
writing my last post.

Nothing to do with the subject matter, or with running out of coffee,
or the sporadically but disconcertingly tropical English weather.

No, it was the actual typing of the post into the WordPress editing text box that was proving to be frustratingly difficult – almost impossible, in fact.

Try as I might, it was very difficult to have the text cursor anywhere but at the very bottom of the box. If I moved my keyboard focus nearer the centre of the edit box, it would jump back down again almost as soon as I resumed writing.

Now, although I don’t like typing along the bottom line with no space beneath, I could live with it if necessary. But that wasn’t the main problem.

Every time I moved the mouse cursor, to highlight a word, or use an edit function like ‘Bold’, or whatever, the text would scroll itself completely out of view; and I’d have to go looking for it. Sometimes it would even jump out of the way while I was actually typing, seeming to have a mind of its own.

I managed, but it was a grim struggle, the process requiring more patience and determination than any writing I’ve done since the time I tried to use a home-made quill pen.

So, in an attempt to avoid having to repeat the experience, I did a bit of research to find out where the problem lay.

I assumed it wasn’t my editing technique – I’d never had the problem before.
Was it my home-built computer playing up?
Was it a glitch in the WordPress interface? After all, I’d only recently updated to a newer version – perhaps there ws a bug somewhere?

Well, to cut a long story short, the problem turned out to be with my browser.
I know a lot of people are going to say it serves me right, but I was using – Internet Explorer!

Well, OK, I know it’s thought to be a bit infra-dig these days, not to say asking for trouble. It’s often said that Firefox is faster, more secure, and has other advantages over IE.

I myself have always harboured a suspicion that many people’s preference for Firefox is based primarily upon the fact that it doesn’t come from Microsoft. But,of course,there are some genuine issues with IE; and this was one of them.

My problem turned out to be due to my having ‘upgraded’ from IE7 to IE8. I was apparently suffering the indirect consequences of one of the improvements (which one, I’m afraid I can’t imagine).

To be fair to Microsoft, I should explain that the problem is not insurmountable.
OK, I don’t mean that you can use Firefox instead – no point in stating the obvious! No, I mean that if you’re having difficulties like I was, you can eliminate them by making one simple adjustment in IE8.

If you click on the ‘Page’ menu at the top right of the browser window, you will notice a ‘Compatibility View’ option.
Selecting it will make the problem go away with a single click.
Wish I’d known that before.

Microsoft explains that some websites aren’t fully compatible with their new browser because they were designed before it was released. The ‘Compatibility View’ effectively reverts IE to an earlier version when it’s selected, thereby restoring normal service.

Some critics might question the wisdom of introducing changes to browser software which render it incompatible with existing websites; but surely that’s just churlish criticism…

Anyway, that’s it: my story, my problem, the cause – and at least two solutions!

Now I can blog with a curse-free cursor.

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  1. Hi James,

    I haven’t popped over here for a while, and I see you’ve been keeping busy! How are things with you anyway?

    Thanks for highlighting that issue above. I always write my posts out in Notepad first and then copy & paste it all into WP before editing it. I’ve also recently started using Chrome (Google’s browser) as both IE and Firefox were slowing my exceptionally old laptop down to the point it was going backwards. All good fun!

    Speak soon,

    Nikki / PMW
    Nikki´s last blog ..I’m Starting With The (Wo)Man In The Mirror My ComLuv Profile

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