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League of Extraordinary Minds: Hype Justified?

Ok, well, my last post, about Rich Schefren’s and Jay Abraham’s League of Extraordinary Minds webcasts was rather hastily written, and I was going to apologise for the rather hypey tone. I confess that when I read it through, I had felt a little uneasy with it because I don’t normally write like that.

Alex Jeffreys, throughout his coaching, always advised his students to ‘be themselves’, and for me, as a quiet, restrained Englishman :) , that tends to mean being more guilty of understatement than hyperbole.
So I thought maybe I’d overdone it.

But, thinking it over again, I believe the hype was justified, for two reasons.

Firstly, the fact is that the merits of the League of Extraordinary Minds webcasts can’t really be overstated. Arguably, any amount of hype is justifiable when there is so much value present.

There were seven experts as panellists on this first webcast, and that’s not counting Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham themselves. What a lineup!
You can read about them all over on the League of Extraordinary Minds site.
No wonder it turned out to be the ninth most-visited site on the internet that night!

I was blown away by the sheer concentration of marketing wisdom packed into this first session. I took no less than ten full pages of notes.
The answers given by the panel were as full of insight as you could possibly expect from world-class advisors like these.
But the discussion was also completely focussed, and free from the chatty rambling one encounters in so many online interviews. In a two hour session, there was no time wasted at all.

Much credit too, must be given to the perspicacity embodied in the seven questions themselves. They were all designed to get the most out of the assembled experts, on the subject of the importance of credibility and trust in branding and market positioning. The final, composite question was particularly well thought out, and I would expect it to reappear in some form in future sessions. It was:

“Through the lens of your expertise, what one question do you wish we would have asked you, that we didn’t, that relates to helping members on this call make their business more profitable, more successful, more competitively advantageous right now and into the future? Why is it an important question?
And had we asked, what would your answer be?”

By the way, Alex Jeffreys pointed out to me that the League of Extraordinary Minds project is well worth supporting as an affiliate. In fact, he said that if I didn’t join their scheme I was an idiot!
Well, I’d much rather be an affiliate than an idiot, so I signed up as the former, and I suggest that you do the same if you’re an affiliate marketer. You can click the banner below to do that.

But if you don’t, if you’re in any kind of business, do for goodness’ sake get over to the League of Extraordinary Minds and sign up for the webcasts. There’s no charge to listen in!

The next one, tonight, is about how to make your offers “Irrefusable” (without Godfathering!).

As for the second reason I changed my mind about the hype, I’ll have to leave it ’till my next post. It IS important, though, and it has to do with Rich Schefren.

PS Like I said, click the banner below
to sign up as an affiliate for this amazing project.

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