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Alex Jeffreys Returns

Gurus' Nightmare Well, of course, he never really went away, he’s been busy helping his student Internet Marketers become successful; but he’s just released his latest report. Actually, Gurus’ Nightmare is more of a book. The third in a trilogy, in fact. And this one is as forthright, uncompromising – and refreshing – as the first two.

The first one, published in 2008, was called “The Guru’s Dream“, and was the book which originally made me wake up to the force that is Alex Jeffreys. It was followed around a year later by “The Newbies’ Nightmare”, which brought in even more followers as students in what was to be his second, even more successful, coaching season.

Despite the Gangster Guru cover images with which Alex jokingly portrays himself, these three books show his sensitivity and his genuine empathy with those who seek their fortune in the world of Internet Marketing, and his frustration with the established marketers who exploit their vulnerability.

Along with a thorough and incisive understanding of the mechanisms operating in the innovative and unprecedentedly democratic Web 2.0 IM arena, the books also demonstrate the energy and rigour which have contributed to Alex’s phenomenal success.

He’s about to take on another lot of coaching students in what promises to be the most successful season yet. Always eager to learn himself, and willing to admit that he’s learning, Alex has been studying the efforts of his students, and analysing what separates the most successful ones from the rest. His findings will be incorporated into the structure of his new course, which will, as usual, be ground-breaking.

An exciting part of the set-up this time will be the opportunity for his students to watch over his shoulder and copy him as, without using his leverage as an established marketer, he builds a 5-figure a month business as an ongoing demonstration.

Tonight (7th April), Alex is holding a free webinar; and if you are in time to register for it, I would strongly advise you to do so. The webinar, like The Gurus’ Nightmare, will follow Alex’s trademark M.O. of giving away top-class valuable information at no charge; so even if you have no intention of becoming a student, it will still be well worth your while to seize this opportunity.

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