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Alex Jeffreys   As you’ll have read on the sidebar, a while back I was lucky enough to join the now famous coaching course offered by Alex Jeffreys, and it completely changed the way I approached doing business on the web. Alex’s energetic enthusiasm, determination and thorough understanding of the strategies and mechanics of Internet Marketing have made him very successful in a remarkably short time; and I consider myself very lucky to have been mentored by him.
In a field notorious for dream-peddling and hype, Alex Jeffreys has made a name for himself with his honest, down-to-earth approach, and has attracted a huge and well-deserved following.

 As for making money, Alex – who has made a lot of it – would tell you that arguably the most crucial element in working towards online success is this:

You need to build a contacts list of people
who know that you can be trusted,
and who want to hear what you have to say.

Alex Jeffreys freely admits that it took him a while to realise the the importance of building a list like this, and now he goes out of his way to impress it upon his students.
In fact, he says it’s so important that you really need to make it an absolute priority – even above actually selling stuff!.
But, assuming you let his results speak for themselves, and accept what he says – where do you start?   Well, I can help you.
If you want, I’ll tell you all about the methods Alex uses to build such a list, and how you can copy those methods to start making money online.

This valuable information is revealed in the report “Listbuilding with Alex”, which I’m making available to YOU today for NO COST! Yes, it’s yours,
completely free of charge, right now, RIGHT HERE!

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