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About James Woodfield

James Woodfield began this blog while he was studying Alex Jeffreys’ methods of Internet Marketing, by participating in an intensive and comprehensive Internet Marketing coaching course offered by Alex.

Alex recommends blogging as an ideal way of interacting with other web users and building relationships online, which he recognised years ago as fundamental to web marketing.

James had been dabbling with Internet Marketing for some years, but had never before set up a WordPress blog. Alex’s comprehensive tuition, and the support of the community of his fellow students, enabled James to build up a good knowledge of the workings of WordPress and the principles of IM.

After qualifying in Architectural Design in London, James had worked for several years in a Falmouth architectural practice. He then reverted to his nautical tendencies and spent a couple of decades working in the Westcountry drawing offices of one of the principal British builders of luxury yachts.

The wide-ranging nature of James’s architectural studies (everything from plumbing and structural engineering to aesthetics and marketing), combined with his own appetite for innovation and understanding of systems mechanisms, stood him in good stead during the nineties as the introduction of computers revolutionised the way design offices (and entire companies) were run.

During this time he and his wife Carolyn brought up their two children. Of course, life at home had none of the luxury offered on board James’s company’s yachts. Little of the company’s success was shared with its employees (and, sadly, its products weren’t either!) As time went by, James’s yacht activities became progressively more specialised, and career prospects more limited. Eventually, his work was outsourced to another company, and he had to plot another course.

James is now turning his various skills to more wide-ranging and hopefully more lucrative effect. In his new role as internet ‘infopreneur’, he aims to help people in their quest for information about working the web.

Many seek to supplement their income, or even to achieve financial independence, through building income online. Others, already established on the internet, seek new or improved business solutions to increase their prosperity. James hopes to help all these people using his knowledge of internet marketing and the skills and insights he has gained through the teachings of people like Alex Jeffreys.

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